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About Us

Launched in 1998 and recognized as the service that "put the voice over industry online", Voicebank's voice-over audition system is the most widely casting software on the Web. It is the primary casting and project management tool used by more than 1600 top Ad Agencies, Animation Houses & TV/Film Studios, Independent Producers, Production Facilities and Casting Directors (voice over & theatrical) around the World.

In 2009, on-camera & print casting capabilities were integrated into the site. Voicebank connects any Producer who needs to cast a voice, on-camera or print project to the Casting Directors, Talent Agents and Actors they're looking for. We streamline the audition process by securely and efficiently connecting Producers to the most prestigious Casting Directors, Union and Non-Union Talent Agencies in the U.S., Canada & Europe, representing the top Voice-over Artists, Actors and Celebrities around the World. Since 1998, more than 140,000 projects have been cast and over 14 million audition files have been delivered via the service.

Producers, Casting Directors, Ad Agency Creatives

Whether you cast one project a month or 30; whether you work with one Casting Director, Talent Agency or many; whether you cast locally or nationally, Voicebank lets you organize and manage all of your Voice-over, On-camera and Print auditions in one simple interface. You can upload and instantly distribute your copy, specs, use/conflict info and samples (audio or video) to the Casting Directors or Talent Agencies you choose to work with. Only the companies you invite will have access to your projects. Casting Directors and Agents then audition their Actors that they select for your script and upload the files back to the site. All auditions are organized by Agency, enabling you to easily track where the Talent is coming from. At a glance, you see what projects have auditions and from which Casting Directors and Talent Agencies.

Reviewing auditions and organizing selects is a breeze. Any user at your company who needs access to the project has their own secure login, enabling them to make their own shortlists and easily share them with specific associates right on the site. You can even eliminate CD's, FTP or email attachment delivery of final choices to your client by using our secure "Vmail" link. Voicebank is the ultimate collaborative casting and management tool, online or off.

Talent Agencies

Posting your Actors' voice-over and on-camera demos on Voicebank is a great way to open up and showcase your roster to the thousands of people looking for Talent. Companies like National Geographic, Discovery, HGTV and A&E use the demo section to search for Narrators and Hosts for some of their biggest shows. NBC, CBS, TNT and other networks use Voicebank to cast their Promos and Trailers.

You have control of your demos: create category folders and name them the way you want. Upload and organize your Actor's demos quickly and easily yourself. As soon as you receive files from your Talent, upload them; no need to send them off to an outside IT person or company and wait to have it done.

Being listed in the "Invite" panel allows your Agency to be selected for projects created exclusively on our site. Companies around the world use Voicebank to search for and audition Talent.

Whether you have a roster of 50 or 500, putting them on Voicebank can help grow your business. Being a member definitely has its privileges. For a list of our project creating clients, click here. For a list of current Talent Agency clients, click here for Union, click here for Non-Union.


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For more information, call us on 877.294.9910 or email info@voicebank.net.